Would you like to move aside the existing file and use the standard X11 environment?
[No] [Yes]

Got this error when loading up Gimp on Leopard, wouldn’t do anything, not even let me select No or Yes. How I fixed it was to delete the file /Users/[username]/.ixinitrc

Open a terminal and type:
rm ~/.xinitrc

Then quit out of X11, and restart whatever application you were trying to use when this happened


e-Sword for OS X


No, not really.

I’ve fumbled and tooled with wine in years past, but I must say that it’s finally matured to the point where it’s actually useable for the most part.  Bravo winedev team!  I thought my quest for e-Sword was over when I found vmware’s Fusion, but I needed something at least a little native to osx.  And the closest thing I’ve found is running it on top of wine.  There are a few ways to do this in OSX

  1. http://www.whatisrazar.com/macesword/ – This seems to be the most simple, yet least customizeable way of doing it.
  2. Install an unofficial Darwine build, and then e-Sword on top of that – you can compile Darwine yourself, but this is MUCH easier, worked the first try.
  3. Use Crossover Mac and install e-Sword – This is the most stable and authentic, though you have to pay for it.

Remember, all bibles, commentaries, and other add-ons will not install, don’t wait for the installer to complete, it won’t.  The only way to do this until the e-Sword add-on installers get revamped (there is no reason for Rick to do this), is to install the add-ons into an existing windows install of e-Sword, and then move the actual bible files over to Wine that it creates.  Don’t worry, each bible/commentary is only one file, and they install directly to the root folder of your e-Sword install.  Bibles have an extension of *.bbl, and commentaries *.cmt.  I’ve found that all of the graphics don’t work as far as I can tell.

On OS X tiger, you have to go and manually install X11 (unix windowing system), on Leopard it’s already there (or should be).

You could always use vmware and run it in unity mode (*cough* battery life draining *cough*), but that requires a license for vmware Fusion ($80), and a license for Windows (~$100), good luck!