and I mean bricked.  It wouldn’t even turn on, and I know the battery was fully charged.  First, I’ll tell you how I did it, and then I’ll tell you how I fixed it.

It’s worth noting that I’m running OS X 10.5.6, which from what I read is not very accomodating with what I was trying to do with my iPhone when said phone decided to die.  I’ve jailbroken my iPhone before using various tools, even way back with 1.x firmware before the App Store even existed.  Today, I decided to try ripdev’s pusher because it promised to be safer than a full jailbreak or pwnage, because it doesn’t open up the iPhone’s system directories for writing, only the application area so you can install third-party apps through and cydia.  Well it was a mistake…

I stared the pusher program, and went through the normal cycle of:

  1. iPhone off
  2. power + home for 5 secs
  3. home for 10secs

After I did that, OS X tried connecting to my iPhone, which it thought was an iPod, and gave me an error, telling me that I needed to disconnect and reconnect my iPod, which I did.  Bad idea.  Pusher was still sitting there “installing applications”, even though I has pulled my iPhone out of it’s dock.  I waited for about 20 minutes with no change, and my iPhone was off and unresponsive.  It wouldn’t turn on, iTunes wouldn’t recognize it.  I was pretty scared and started trying to develop my excuse to the genuis at the Apple store as to why he should give me a new iPhone.  Broken.

Here’s how I fixed it:

The iPhone was in some sort of service or recovery mode, and it gets there by holding down the buttons as previously mentioned.  I ran across a forum post which told me to leave the iPhone in it’s dock, connected to my computer, and hold down the power + home buttons until iTunes recognized it.  This worked… almost.  iTunes told me that my phone was in recovery mode and needed to be erased and restored.  That was great news!  Except for the fact that it didn’t work.  It acted like it was going to, and then it told me that my iPhone couldn’t be restored, without a good reason.

Google again was my friend, as I ran across an article in Apple’s support documents.  I followed the instructions, uninstalling iTunes completely and reinstalling it (I would certainly have missed some things if I didn’t follow the instructions), and what do you know, it worked!  I plugged in my iPhone, it restored it and synced all of my old apps, contacts, chat history, etc. back on to it, and I now have my iPhone back!  It will be a little while before I muster up the bravery to try again.

Please comment if this post helped you at all, I’d love to hear your story!