Get the new google favicon in your Firefox search bar


Came across this post on lifehacker, explaining how to change your Firefox search bar to google’s new favicon (), the only problem is that it’s for windows.  FEAR NOT!  Here’s the howto for all of us Firefox OS X users:

  1. First, secondary-click on this link, (primary-clicking on it will show you a bunch of XML)
  2. select “Save Link As…”
  3. navigate to the folder where Firefox keeps the search provider’s XML files: press “⌘⇧g” (command+shift+g), and in the “Go to the folder” bar, paste :
    and click the “Go” button
  4. You’ll see a few search providers’ xml files in there, including google’s.  Click the “Save” button, overwriting the old one
  5. Restart Firefox (remember to do a full quit (⌘q))
  6. You’ll see the new icon there!

I know it seems like a lot, but it actually only about 45 seconds worth of work.  Good luck!  Please post to the comments with any questions.


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