You have an existing ~/.xinitrc file


Would you like to move aside the existing file and use the standard X11 environment?
[No] [Yes]

Got this error when loading up Gimp on Leopard, wouldn’t do anything, not even let me select No or Yes. How I fixed it was to delete the file /Users/[username]/.ixinitrc

Open a terminal and type:
rm ~/.xinitrc

Then quit out of X11, and restart whatever application you were trying to use when this happened


3 Responses to “You have an existing ~/.xinitrc file”

  1. worldheart Says:

    Hi there, I also got this error message & I want to be able to use Gimp, but not completely screw up! When you say “Open a terminal & type:”, do you mean to open X11 and use the terminal window that pops up or do you mean to open the Terminal app from the utilities folder?


  2. Stefaan Claes Says:

    I got this message too, but I don’t have a .xinitrc file… (there is no such file on my hard disc)

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